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Customized Sleep

Our custom-built mattresses allow you to each choose the support you want so you can get the sleep you need.


Tailored to You for a Great Night’s Sleep

Obasan & Halsa mattresses come in a choice of a medium or firm base layer with soft, medium, or firm comfort cores or zones. Green Latex mattress base layers can either be firm or medium with a super-soft or soft top layer.

Each one of our mattresses is custom built to the individual sleeper’s needs. We use a combination of independent comfort cores, multiple zones, top and bottom layers encased in an organic wool and cotton breathable encasement cover.

Whether you suffer from body aches or spend restless nights changing sleep positions, our modular mattress system is designed to provide you with the rest and relief your body deserves to get a restful night’s sleep.

Each sleeper can choose soft, medium, or firm for their shoulder, hip, and feet middle layer zones, and medium or firm for their base layer.

Each sleeper can choose soft, medium, or firm for their middle layer side, and medium or firm for their base layer side. If your needs change in time, you can change the firmness level of your mattress.

customized sleep

A Mattress For Two Shouldn’t Be Designed For One.

Our Adult mattresses come in your choice of soft, medium or firm layers. So, if you prefer a soft comfort layer on your side and your partner wants medium or firm layer on theirs, you can both get what you want and have a better night’s sleep.

organic sleep

Sleep Naturally and Rest Assured.

The organic rubber used to manufacture Halsa Natural Sleep mattresses comes from Sri Lanka. Its flexible nature and durability make the premium choice for a mattress. Its ability to contour to your body provides long-term support and pressure relief.