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Frequently Asked Questions.

Where are Halsa Natural Sleep mattresses and beds made?

Mattresses, beds and accessories are handmade in British Columbia and Ontario. Adjustable beds are made in the United States of imported and domestic components.

What is the ILD (indentation load deflection) of your mattress cores?

Obasan & Halsa ILD ratings

  • Extra soft: N/A
  • Soft: 20-22
  • Medium: 32-35
  • Firm: 38-42

Green Latex ILD ratings

  • Extra soft: 16-18
  • Soft: 25-30
  • Medium: 35-40
  • Firm: 44-50

ILD is a measurement that provides an indication of how soft or firm a mattress will feel. A lower number indicates a softer feel than a higher number. ILD is a measurement of the number of pounds of pressure required to indent 4” of latex by 25% using a 50-sq. inch indentation. This provides accuracy across the board when comparing different mattress brands’ (soft, medium, firm) ratings (the seller and manufacturer should provide ILD ratings).

Does Halsa Natural Sleep have mattresses with different ILD ratings for me to try in the store?

Yes. Our display mattresses are set up with different levels of firmness that you can test.

What if I want a soft mattress and my partner wants a medium or firm?

Obasan and Halsa king and queen size mattresses are customizable to suit each of you at no extra charge. So, if you want soft on your side and your partner prefers medium on theirs, it will be made that way. That way, you both get a good night’s sleep. Green Latex mattresses can be customized in King only at this time.

How long will a latex rubber mattress last?

Typically, the lifespan will range from 15 to 20 years. This will be affected by environmental factors, the weight of the sleepers, the foundation used, certain chemicals, and exposure to sunlight.

What is your comfort exchange guarantee?

For Obasan adult mattresses, during the first six months from the date of purchase you have the option to order a new mattress core at no charge (one time only) that has the level of firmness you want. Green Latex two and three-inch top mattress layers have a 30-day comfort guarantee. There will be no charge if you wish to change the firmness level of the top layer (one time only).

What agents or chemicals are added to your mattresses?

Obasan and Arpico latex/rubber is made using the purest method of production, the Dunlop process, which requires minimal vulcanizing agents. From 3 to 6% zinc oxide is added depending on the firmness of the latex/rubber. No other agents, glues or chemicals are added.

What type of latex rubber is used in your mattresses, Dunlop or Talalay?

The Dunlop process is used to make Obasan and Arpico mattress cores. It is the most natural way of producing latex/rubber cores and guarantees a pure organic latex/rubber. The Dunlop process occurs in the country of origin and does not require he addition of chemical stabilizers to transport the organic rubber sap to a different country for processing, or the use of glues to assemble the mattress cores. During manufacturing of the Dunlop mattress core, some settlement may cause the bottom of the core to be slightly firmer than the top; this can be more noticeable on thicker cores. The Talalay process does require additional chemicals and glues to be used during the shipping of raw materials and later the manufacturing process but may result in a more consistent level of firmness from the top to the bottom of the mattress core. When comparing Dunlop and Talalay mattresses, the ILD rating determines the firmness level.

Do your mattresses contain man-made fire retardants?

Obasan mattresses do not contain any manmade or synthetic fire retardants. They are wrapped with quilting using layers of organic wool and pass American and Canadian fire regulations. The Latex Green mattresses utilize a mattress cover which has an organic cotton exterior and a non-organic liner (the liner does contain some polyester) that allows it to pass the Canadian mattress combustion test.

Do your mattresses or accessories off-gas?

Although there is no off-gassing of manmade chemicals, natural materials can have a faint scent that some people will notice. When a mattress is opened for the first time, the natural scents are minimal and dissipate after a few hours of exposure to the air.

What internationally recognized standards of certification do your products meet?

  • Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

To ensure the manufacturers’ certificates are the most recent available, we recommend that you go directly to each manufacturer’s website. Links to the manufacturers’ websites are provided on our raw materials page.

Can I order a custom size mattress?

Yes. An additional charge will apply to custom size orders. Please call us directly for a quote.

What type of bed frame or foundation do I need to support your mattresses?

A strong, breathable base that provides proper support to the mattress is required both for your comfort and to ensure your mattress warranty is in effect. Organic latex/rubber mattresses weigh more than most manmade foam or innerspring mattresses and require a strong slat base that will support the mattress with no deflection or sagging. For more detail, please contact us and we can provide details on slat minimum/maximum dimensions and gapping.

Do you sell waterproof mattress pads or protectors?

No. Our organic cotton protectors and wool moisture pads are not waterproof. Our organic mattresses and accessories are breathable by design and covering them with a waterproof cover will greatly reduce this benefit to the sleeper. Our wool moisture pad will provide protection from liquid for up to 4 hours, allowing you some time to remove the pad and wash it. The cotton protectors will provide protection from moisture, body oils and stains. Both our cotton and wool protectors are machine washable.

What type of mattress works best with adjustable beds?

Latex/rubber mattresses are an excellent choice to work with adjustable beds. Other mattresses will work, but some are more effective than others. Not all coil and innerspring mattresses will work well. We recommend against using a mattress over 10 inches in thickness, as generally they will not follow the contours of the electric bed when it is raised.

What if I have a problem with my adjustable bed?

Leggett & Platt have a toll-free number for you to call and trained technicians provide service and repairs page for warranty on their adjustable beds (see our Care & Assembly page).

How long will it take my order to arrive?

Obasan beds typically average 10-15 business days and Obasan foundations average 3-4 weeks.

Green Latex mattresses and toppers average 5-7 business days.

Kootenay hardwood beds average 6 to 8 weeks, and sometimes we have a few beds in our store inventory.

Accessory products average 8 to 10 business days.

Beds and accessories that are in stock are available for pickup at Halsa Natural Sleep, or if ordered online, will be shipped within 2 business days of the order.

Is shipping free in Canada?

Shipping of purchases over $100 is complimentary to most areas of Canada. Areas outside major urban centres may incur a charge, and typically shipping is either to your door or curbside. Please call to confirm.

Will Halsa remove and dispose of my old mattress and Is there a charge for this?

In the greater Kelowna area, provided you let us know when the delivery date is confirmed, we will remove your old mattress for a recycling fee of $30.

If I buy an adjustable bed or mattress, is there a charge for delivery and set up?

Within the Okanagan Valley (Penticton to Vernon and all points between), delivery and setup of your adjustable bed or mattress is complimentary. If you are outside this area but still in British Columbia, please contact us to confirm if there would be any setup charges. If you require setup outside of the Okanagan, this service may be available for a fee – please contact us to inquire if it is available in your area.