Green Latex Organic 9″ Mattress


Made in Vancouver, this organic latex mattress comes with the 6” base layer(s) separate from the 3” top layer. Twin, double and queen mattresses are two pieces, a one piece 6” base layer and a 3” top layer. King mattresses come with two 6” pieces that side by side make a continuous base layer, and one 3” top layer. Each layer has its own washable zippered organic cotton cover. This makes it easier to remove and wash the top layer cover only, as well as to rotate, turn, or move the mattress.

The 6-inch base layer of organic rubber is available in medium or firm, and the 3-inch organic rubber top layer available in ultra-soft or soft. The ultra-soft topper provides the ultimate in pressure point relief and will give a more enveloping feel than the soft topper. Each layer is encased in an organic cotton removable, washable cover. The cover has some polyester on the inside, there to meet flame test certification. The king size mattress 6” base layer comes in two pieces, which can be ordered in medium or firm, to suit each sleeper’s preference.

We’re here to help you choose the right firmness options, please call us at 250-980-9451.

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