Obasan Classic 8″ Mattress plus 1.5″ Topper


Handmade in Canada of organic latex, wool and cotton, the Obasan Classic mattress includes a needle-punched wool topper that relieves pressure on joints. No manmade flame retardants are used in this mattress and the use of natural fibers make for excellent breathability and moisture wicking. The Classic 8″ thick mattress is constructed with:

  • 2-inch soft top layer
  • 4-inch customizable middle cores (each sleeper chooses soft, medium or firm)
  • 2-inch firm base layer
  • Total height with Classic topper is 9.5″ inches
  • 20-year warranty
  • 180-day comfort guarantee

A bed everyone agrees on, customizable by side, with the option to change or adjust firmness levels if your needs change due to pregnancy, injury or aging.

We’re here to help you choose the right firmness options, please call us at 250-980-9451.

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